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Financial Planning

Personal Financial Plan

What is a Financial Plan?

Simply put, it is a roadmap to help you to make the most of your finances, plan for future outlays, protect your current standard of living and grow your wealth.

What will a financial plan do for me?

  • It will give you a graphical picture of your financial future.
  • It will provide you with a plan to improve your financial position.
  • It will help you identify tax efficiencies.
  • It will help you make informed decisions.
  • It can give peace of mind.
  • It will help with estate planning when passing on assets.
  • It will help you estimate how long your pension fund will last.
  • It will provide you with a comprehensive independent financial planning report.

It will provide answers to these questions:

  • When can I afford to retire?
  • What is my net worth?
  • Will I run out of money in retirement?
  • What effect will downsizing the family home have on my retirement income?
  • Do I have sufficient financial protection if I am unable to work?
  • Should I sell my investment property or keep the rental income?
  • What is the potential inheritance tax on my estate?
  • Do I need to take investment risk with my pension fund?

 What does a financial plan cost?

Our Independent Financial planning service costs €300 which includes a comprehensive financial planning report and follow up consultation to answer any queries.

How it works

Chat: First we establish your current situation.

Listen: then we discover your objectives and what you would like to achieve with your finances.

Examine: then we look at ways to improve your finances, achieve your Plan A and figure out a Plan B.

Present: then we prepare, present, and explain your options in a clear an understandable way.

Implement: We can help you set up strategies to implement your chosen plans.

On-going support: Times change and your situation can change. We will be there to guide and advise you through the ups and downs to help you reach your objectives.