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Serious Illness Insurance

Serious Illness Insurance

Serious Illness Cover

Gold Seal Financial Services are Financial Brokers for Life and serious illness insurance, we deal with the main providers of Life and illness plans to ensure our clients get the most suitable and best value policies on the market.

What is Serious illness cover?

Put simply, critical illness cover pays out a cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with any of a specific list of illness covered under the policy.

What Illnesses are covered?

It varies between providers but the main illnesses covered are stroke, cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and as many as  forty medical conditions in total.

Why do I need it?

Serious illness can strike at any time. The effects can be devastating. Not only would you face increased medical bills you could also have reduced income because you cannot work. The lump sum payment would also be needed to:

  • Pay your mortgage and other monthly bills.
  • Modify your home or vehicle due to disability.
  • Pursue complementary or alternative treatments.
  • Pay for home care or assistance.
  • Pay for extra child care while you recover.
  • Preserve retirement fund or children’s education fund.
  • Cover business expenses (hire a replacement or cover losses).

How much does Critical illness cost?

The cost of critical illness cover depends on many factors — your age, whether you smoke, the amount and term of the cover required are the main factors that determine the cost. At Gold Seal we work within your budget, so to find out more contact Edmund on 0872203119.

Why choose Gold Seal Financial as your advisor?

  1. We research our providers to get the best plans for our clients.
  2. We provide a long term personal service not always available with larger financial institutions.
  3. We work within your budget.
  4. We are professionally qualified advisors.
  5. We provide assistance to our clients when making a claim.