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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Why is life insurance cover important?

Because life is uncertain, we don’t know what’s coming next! “Life’s uncertain….eat dessert first”

What types of Life Insurance Policies are available?

Whole of Life Insurance
Life cover that lasts for a whole lifetime and not just a specific term. The cost is normally not fixed and is reviewed periodically.

Level Term Assurance
Life cover that pays a fixed sum in the event of death within the timeframe of the plan. The cost and level of cover is normally fixed at the start.

Convertible Term Assurance
This is similar to level term assurance except it allows for further cover to be put in place at the end of the existing policy.

Mortgage Protection
This is Life Insurance that decreases in line with a reducing loan balance. Mortgage Protection is often the cheapest form of Life insurance cover.

Pension Life Insurance
Sometimes called Self Employed Term Assurance, it is life cover with tax relief on the premiums in the same way as on pension contributions.

Partnership Insurance
Designed to provide a lump sum to enable business partner’s purchase the shares of a deceased partner from his/her estate.

Keyperson Insurance
This compensates a company when a key employee dies or becomes seriously ill. It helps to minimise the financial impact of losing key employees.

Company Director Insurance
Designed for a company to protect against the risk of death or serious illness of a Director by providing a lump sum to assist the remaining directors or the company to purchase his/her share of the business.

Why choose us to advise you on Life Cover?      

  • We will advise you on the best type of life policy for your particular needs.
  • We negotiate with our range of providers to get you the best value.
  • We work within your budget.
  • We’re paid by commission so there’s no extra charge to you.
  • We provide a personal service not always available with large financial institutions.

What if I already have some Life Insurance?

Then you should let us have a look at it, you could be paying too much for the wrong type of life cover.

What do I do next?

  • Contact us by calling Edmund on 087 2203119 to see how we can help you.

Reasons to have Life Cover?

  • Family Protection:make sure your family can pay the bills when you’re gone.
  • Mortgage /Loan Protection: to ensure that your debts are paid off and not left to your loved ones.
  • Business protection: to ensure that your business does not suffer financially after the death of a director or key person.
  • Inheritance Planning: to provide for an Inheritance tax bill.